Estate Planning

Missouri Estate Planning Lawyers

Options for All Ages

At Hanrahan & Nacy, our lawyers offer estate planning options for people of all ages. From newlyweds with newborns who want to make certain their children are taken care of in the event of an emergency to senior citizens who want to put a plan in place for the future, we provide solutions based on each individual’s unique set of circumstances.

The Tools of Estate Planning

Our estate planning services involve the use of:

We bring decades of experience to the art of estate planning. Our attorneys know exactly how important it is to start by listening to you in order to produce a customized plan that truly meets the goals you have for you, your family and your property.

The term elder law has become very popular in recent years. While we have decades of experience meeting the needs of elderly people, our practice is not limited by age. In fact, we strongly encourage every adult to create an estate plan. Not only is estate planning less expensive than most people think, it is significantly less expensive than the costs children could be faced with in an emergency situation.

Probate Court

Our attorneys handle all probate court matters. Probate court is a division of the circuit court that handles all decedents’ estates, as well as guardianship estates. Our estate services include probate and guardianship. Our commitment is to guiding you through the process with care and attention. We will get you through this with as little stress as possible.

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