Wrongful Death

Missouri Wrongful Death Lawyers

Have You Lost a Loved One due to an Act of Negligence?

At Hanrahan & Nacy, our lawyers provide attention and care to families that have lost loved ones due to acts of negligence. We handle cases involving wrongful death in:

We are well equipped to represent families in these cases for a variety of reasons. From a technical standpoint, the fact that our law firm also handles estate matters means we can assist with the probate process, as well as all will- and trust-related issues that may arise. From a personal standpoint, we understand the trauma that comes with losing a family member, so we take great care to be there when we are needed and to help in any way we can. Everyone we represent gets personal representation from start to finish.

Compensation for the Loss of a Family Member

If you have lost a spouse, parent or child due to an act of negligence, the thought of seeking monetary compensation may make you uncomfortable. After all, there is no amount of money that can replace what you have lost. We know that. However, we also know that seeking compensation through a wrongful death or lost-chance claim is the only avenue available. We want you to get the money you need to make up for the financial hardships that have accompanied your loss, from the funeral costs to the loss of income. We also want you to be compensated for the loss of companionship and more.

We are here to do the work. Our attorneys will meet with you as needed, but our focus is on letting you spend time with your family while we pursue your case.

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