“Curtis is a genuine caring soul who also happens to provide the best legal representation that one could ever hope to find. He kept me informed (and calm) through every step of the process and helped to achieve a verdict that completely exceeded my expectations of what I thought possible. I would, without hesitation or reservation, recommend him to anyone in need of his expertise.”– Eric G.

“Mr. Hanrahan definitely knew what he was doing, and did a good job on my case. I was expecting the worst, but he went right in and got most of the charges dismissed. I have to say that aside from him, his staff is also excellent at communication and patiently explaining things that were new to me (which was pretty much everything in this case). This was a good experience with a great outcome. I would definitely recommend him again.” — John S.


“I was facing a life changing decision of losing my daughter in a child-custody case and I can’t express my gratitude enough to you for winning my case. Your tenacity, professionalism, and expertise made all the difference in the outcome of my case. I felt comfortable working with you. I have to say hiring you was one of the best decisions I have ever made and will definitely recommend you and your firm. Thank you again for everything you did for me and my daughter I will be forever grateful!”

“I was very impressed with the treatment and attention my case got with Hanrahan and Nacy. They made sure that I understood everything that was happening, got me papers in a very timely manner, handled issues that were not originally discussed and represented me in a manner that was compassionate, honest, and diligent. I am very pleased with my experience and would definitely recommend them to a friend. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time and fighting for me.”

“I walked into your office dazed and confused with the legal system and you helped educate me. I was stressed out over the serious life changing decisions that were being place on me and you assisted me in making the right decision and for exposing the irrational arguments from my opponent. You came to court prepared and made a clear and logical defense. You were great to work with and helped in a difficult time when emotions were running high.”

“I had to deal with a frivolous order of protection against me and Mr. Hanrahan provided direction and support, as well as making a clear argument against false accusations. I could not have survived this situation without you, thank you so much for your professionalism and compassion.”

“The divorce process is a difficult process but Curtis made it as painless as it could be for me. I was pleased with my settlement. I have recommended friends to the Hanrahan and Nacy law firm and they have been great. If you are looking for a knowledgeable attorney that is responsive and surrounded by a wonderful staff, contact Hanrahan and Nacy.”


“Everything went very smoothly and everyone was so pleasant to work with at Hanrahan and Nacy. I checked other attorneys but no one seemed as professional and concerned with making a very difficult situation (bankruptcy) less stressful. I was very pleased with the effort that was given to my case. They were prompt and concise with their answers. I always felt at ease and his step by step process never left us feeling overwhelmed or uniformed. Truly a professional and a great staff.”

“My financial situation was growing worse by the second when I made the call to Hanrahan and Nacy. They brought me in and answered my questions, making the process easier than I could have imagined. Now that the bankruptcy is over, the relief is overwhelming. Thank you so much!”

“I went through months of agony every time I paid bills and barely had anything left at all. I finally made the phone call to Hanrahan and Nacy, it was the best decision I ever made. Your staff was courteous and professional. The day of the hearing I felt confident that everything was going to go smoothly and it did! Bankruptcy is a stressful experience but I could not think of a better law firm to handle this than Hanrahan and Nacy.”

“Going through bankruptcy was a very difficult position, I wasn’t the type of person who just spent money I didn’t have, however my soon to be ex-husband didn’t feel that way. It has been a very stressful event, but I always had back up support from Hanrahan and Nacy. I was in tears so many time but was always meet with patience and courtesy. I am so grateful I made the call to Hanrahan and Nacy. Thank you!”